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PDF Optimization: An Overview

GdPicture.NET, PDF|

Hi everyone, We continue our PDF Optimization series (started with two articles about fonts, Pack and Optimize Fonts in PDF and Fonts Optimization in PDF with a broader overview of what you can do to ...

Fonts Optimization in PDF


Today we're starting a new series of educational posts about PDF optimization. Reducing the size of a document without losing its quality becomes a crucial issue when more and more documents need to ...

PDF Day in France

Events. We’re involved in our community in sports and associations. As active members of the PDF Association, we organize and participate in many events about the PDF format worldwide. Blog Pr ...

PassportPDF Commercial Plans Now Available


ORPALIS releases the commercial version of the PassportPDF Cloud Ecosystem to the general public. Muret, France, 5th May After more than three years of intensive development and testing, ORPALIS rele ...

PassportPDF at CES 2020: Impressions

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Hi Everyone, We’re now back from CES where we presented our new PassportPDF solution to the public. We’re a bit late for this wrap-up, but what happened is that all of us who went to Vegas caught th ...