The first Edition of the PDF Day France took place in Toulouse on April 4th.
Speakers from all over the world came to speak – en français – about various aspects of PDF technology.

Au programme, we had:

  • Elodie Tellier, COO and Communication Manager (ORPALIS)
    PDF ISO standards and the PDF Association
  • Lionel Dejean, DMS architect, Airbus S.A.S., and Saïd Elmorabiti, SEAL Systems
    Enterprise M2M PDF(/A) conversion & checking ecosystem @Airbus – Supported by SEAL Systems Solutions
  • Dany Amiouny, IT Director, Amyuni Technologies SARL
    Production of well-structured PDFs to facilitate processing and integration into document management processes
  • Bernard Hauzeur, Ingénieur TIC, PDF Tools AG
    Manage the quality of documents from capture to archiving
  • Loïc Carrère, CEO and CTO (ORPALIS)
    Optimization of existing PDF files: issues, constraints, and methods
  • Gert Michiels, Product Manager, Foxit Europe GmbH
    “Enterprise PDF Rendition” – What is this? And more importantly, what does it bring me?
  • David van Driessche, Chief Technology Officer, Four Pees, Executive Director, Ghent Workgroup
    An introduction to accessible PDF documents and the PDF/UA standard
  • Patrick Gallot, Application Support Engineer, Developer Support, Datalogics, Inc.
    A dive into PDF optimization

A brief overview of things we learned at PDF Day France:

  • There are numerous ISO standards for PDF
    Everyone knows about PDF and PDF/A. However, some other standards cover specific domains: printing and prepress with PDF/X and PDF/VT, engineering with PDF/E, and there is even an ISO for making PDFs accessible to people with disabilities (PDF/UA).
  • Accessible PDF is on the rise, administrations, companies, and contractors need to get ready.
    You make a PDF accessible by tagging it correctly so assistive technologies can read it.
  • It is possible to optimize PDF documents AND processes dramatically thanks to well-structured PDFs and various compression techniques which reduce the size of documents without altering their quality.

For those of you who are interested in learning more details about the ISO standards, below you will find a link with documentation to download:

Here are a few pictures of the event, we hope to see you with us for the next edition!
Time to practice your French

Meanwhile, don’t forget to stop by the PDF Association website and learn more about the next event, the Electronic Document Conference, that will take place in Seattle on June 17-18.