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14 Quick Facts about GdPicture.NET

GdPicture.NET, General|

GdPicture.NET is now a mature document imaging, image processing, and document management SDK. It started as a COM/ActiveX toolkit with a limited range of features, and since its first release, funct ...

DocuVieware 2.0 : The Force Awakens

DocuVieware, General|

Hi folks, Long time, no talk. But some few days ago we've released the annual new major-versions of GdPicture.NET and DocuVieware: GdPicture.NET is now at version 12 while 'junior' DocuVieware turned ...

Browsers (3)


Hi folks, After the very short history of browsers we have presented you in the past 2 "episodes", today we are going to give you some light tech insights, as promised. Just so you can better understa ...