GdPicture.NET is now a mature document imaging, image processing, and document management SDK. It started as a COM/ActiveX toolkit with a limited range of features, and since its first release, functionalities have been added on a weekly basis.
But do you remember when our SDK has been launched for the first time? Or what makes it different from other imaging SDK?
Today, we chose 14 facts representative of our flagship product, to show you what makes GdPicture.NET unique.

1. The first version GdPicture.NET was released 14 years ago.

2. Since 2003, more than 15 000 developers worldwide have been using GdPicture.NET in their projects

3. Our all-in-one toolkit serves the needs of organizations in various industries: Banking, Healthcare, Educational, Government, Defense, Oil and Utilities, Financial Services, Software Consultancy, and many others