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Hi folks, This is our last article of the year and for today we thought about explaining why years change on January 1st or why the years counting will very soon get to 2014. But before that let us thank Santa for the previous article on our blog, hope he’ll re-new the agreement with us […]

O-ho-ho folks! I’m Claus. Santa Claus. But you can call me Santa (“Pere Noel” for the guys at ORPALIS, should they prefer). For those of you who didn’t speak English at the age when still believing in my existance, “Santa” is not the Latin-derived word to designate a saint woman (like Santa Barbara, Santa Maria […]

Hi folks, Let’s continue the article about Internet governance and today, for its second half, tell you just few words about the particular case of the United States. As expected by anyone (at least due to individual intuition) a quasi-unanimous sense of some US global dominance seems to reign among Internet users minds all over […]