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Hi folks, This week we are going to tell you a few words about the history and importance of… nothing. Well, not quite of “nothing” really… more like about the notion of “zero” actually. But we’ve allowed this introductory half-joke because it’s the nothingness the concept of “zero”¬†expresses that stopped it from entering the Western […]

Hi folks, In the first part of our brief ¬†story of GPS we told you how latitude and longitude values got to be determined. This made the great European powers to become even greater, allowing them to extend and through colonisation become inter-continental Empires. But one of the colonies was to become a great Empire […]

Hi folks, Today we are going to tell you the first part of a short story about the Global Positioning System (GPS), just a brief historical preamble before our next article describing what GPS is and how it works. In our first article of 2014 we’ve mentioned latitudes and longitudes explaining why latitude values are […]

Hi folks, The “leaks” in our first article of 2014 are now officially confirmed, the ORPALIS MICR demo has just been released. Wonder what MICR is all about? Perfect! Because that’s what we basically do here on this blog: we explain stuff. Well, to jokingly put it in a nutshell MICR is an encoding technology […]

Hi folks, And again, we wish you an excellent New Year! This first article of 2014 continues our last article of 2013 which tried to explain how humankind got to name and organize time cycles based on astronomical facts such as Earth spinning around itself and Earth’s voyage around the Sun. But humankind had to […]