18 04, 2014


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Hi folks, After telling a few things about CPU and RAM let us present you today some basics about hard-disks and thus end the series of brief descriptions on how the key hardware components inside a computing device (computer, tablet, smartphone) are working. The deliberate [...]

28 03, 2014


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Hi folks, First things first : the deliberate lie we've slipped in our previous article was about "quakers". The particles are named "quarks" not "quakers" and they have little to do with quantum physics anyway. "Quakers" are members of a quasi-religion named "Religious Society of [...]

14 03, 2014


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Hi folks, As promised in our previous article, today we are going to tell you a thing or two about CPUs. And we should start by warning you that, for a change, we thought modifying a little the format of our articles, just to see [...]