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Hi folks, Today we are going to explain the differences between raster graphics and vector graphics for our general public. Raster graphics images (or bitmaps) are based on the elementary concept of pixel. A pixel (picture element) is the smallest controllable “dot” or “point of colour” or “unit” of a picture. Raster images are made […]

Hi folks, We continue the series of explanations on image enhancement techniques meant for our general public and this week we are going to give you some additional info about median filtering. Images quite often contain artifacts known as “noise”. “Noise” means, of course, un-wanted sounds occuring in an audition context but the term quickly […]

Hi folks, This week we thought about offering to our general public some explanations about deskew/autodeskew, mainly to answer two questions : what’s that and why is it important to have ? Skew is an artifact that might appear during document scaning process and it consists of getting the document’s text/images be rotated at a […]

Hello folks, Although disk storage and internet connection bandwidth are constantly increasing and getting cheaper, worldwide efforts for better file compression are increasing as well. This is no paradox and there are too many reasons for this to mention but we all know that, for instance, file transfers are never fast enough. For document imaging […]


Hello!   February is now over and so is our Birthday Give-Away. Thank you so much everyone for participating and giving your thoughts on PaperScan! Yesterday we decided to change the rules a little bit… We’re not going to give the 10 licenses randomly. Instead everyone who posted a comment will get one! I will […]