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Hi folks, Today we will try to give you a quick overview on the GIF file format. GIF format was introduced by CompuServe in 1987 and soon became widely adopted because it supported colours (unlike its CompuServe predecessor, RLE) and it was small-sized (thanks to the LZW lossless compression algorithm, we’ve told you a story […]

Hi folks, We are going to dedicate an article to each of the most popular bitmap file formats and today we will make a quick incursion through JPEG. JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) is a bitmap image file format specifically developed for storing photographic images (its name standing for “Joint Photographic Expert Group”). It has indeed […]

Hi folks, Today we are going to provide some more details on interpolation algorithms, not because we intend to annoy you with mathematics but just as an attempt to offer simple explanations to terms you might have encountered and puzzled you in imaging and photo processing documentations. Or at least to give you a clue […]

Hi folks, As promised in the previous article, today we will try to untangle the frequent confusions generated among many computer users by this simple word : “resolution”. To do that, we are going to explain screen resolution, printing resolution, pixel dimensions, physical dimensions and how everything relates with regard to bitmaps. Bitmaps dimensions are […]