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Hi folks, Let’s resume the short descriptions on most popular raster image file formats and today take a short overview of the “senior” TIFF bitmap format, which will soon be 30 years old, quite an admirable age when it comes to computing. TIFF (“Tagged Information File Format”, file extensions .tif or .tiff) format was officially […]

Hi folks, Today we are going to tell you about how bad things can paradoxically have some positive consequences, too. The two stories and facts below are from IT domain, of course, but wise men say the pattern is universal. Have you ever heard about the dot-com bubble? It happened not so long ago, just […]

Hi folks, When it comes to IT, we all somehow tend to assume that everything was created and done in the USA. But this is not really quite so. And to prove this, today we are going to tell you about just a few French contributions in the hardware/software/internet domains of IT. The first microcomputer […]