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Hi folks, In our previous articles we’ve told you a few things about the concept of zero, then about numbers and then about the binary numeral system. Today’s article will probably shed some light on the reasons for this consecution. “Abstract” etymologically means ‘separated from material because drawn from it’ while “concrete” means etymologically ‘solid’, […]


Hi folks, After telling you a few things about the concept of zero then about numbers, today we tell just a few sentences on the binary numeration system. Etymologically, the word “binary” has its origins in the Latin “bis” which means “double“, same as lots of other words starting with the “bi” prefix, such as […]


Hi folks, Let’s continue talking a bit about the magic ingredients the sorcery of mathematics uses and after telling you last week a few things about “zero” and its importance, let’s try today to┬ámake a quick and unpretentious (as we always do) overview on numbers. When it comes to how numbers appeared in human thinking, […]