ORPALIS is pleased to announce the first preview of a new universal HTML5 viewer and document management kit called DocuVieware..

Muret, France, November 3-rd, 2014.

DocuVieware displays and handles more than 90 image and document formats, including PDF and TIFF. It offers hundreds of functionalities such as loading document from any source, multipage document navigation in continuous page view mode, annotations, pages browsing, smooth zooming, rotation, printing, text selection, content search and much more…

DocuVieware is a “Zero footprint” solution currently available as ASP.NET WebControl offering server side and JavaScript API.

This is a perfect solution to manage the documents lifecycle and to display complex formats within a web application.

It works on any device in any browser supporting HTML5 such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and IOS.

DocuVieware is fast, accurate and reliable. Several demos are available on its dedicated page.

The online demos currently available are:

  • Simple viewer: for a fast and instant display of files loaded from any source. You can choose the size of your thumbnails depending on your viewing purposes. The feature continuous page view mode is enabled for multipage documents.
  • Annotations: a wide range of entirely customizable annotations is available, like highlighter, rectangle, ellipse, rubber stamp, line, arrow, text, sticky note, freehand, freehand highlighter, ruler and more. All annotations are editable and are displayed in the thumbnails.
  • Customizable viewer: to build the viewer adapted to users’ needs, functionalities can be activated or deactivated. For instance the activation of the content search feature allows the user to find specific word(s) within their context. For longer documents it is possible to navigate chapter by chapter without having to scroll down each page, one after the other.
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