ORPALIS is pleased to announce the new medium release of its flagship product GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK and of its universal HTML 5 viewer and document management kit DocuVieware.

Muret, France, June 25th, 2015.

GdPicture.NET version 11.2

GdPicture.Net 11

This medium release includes a new rendering engine for the GdPicture viewers.

Imaging (WinForm)

The GdViewer engine has been improved in matters of rendering performances and speed with large documents.
A view rotation feature has been added and all rotations and flips are now supported with vector documents.
Support for TXT, SVG and metafile rendering in vector mode is also included.

Imaging (WPF)

Several interface changes, with new methods (PdfGetTextOccurenceCount, GetSelectedTextRegions, GetRegionWidthPixels, GetRegionHeightPixels, AddPolyRulerAnnotInteractive).

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