Toulouse, France – 10 December 2011 GdPicture, leading provider of comprehensive Document Imaging Toolkits, today announced the immediate release of GdPicture.NET version 8.5.

New Features in GdPicture.NET 8.5

  • Better support in the COM/ActiveX edition: all GdPicture.NET 8 features are now available under both .NET and ActiveX technologies.
  • Full support and samples provided for VB6, Foxpro, Delphi, HTML and Silverlight.
  • New HTML demo to view and annotate documents in Internet Explorer
  • PDF rendering speed increased.
  • New UserControl AnnotationEditor providing an interface to edit each annotation property.
  • Asynchronous HTTP/WEB document transfer for upload and download.
  • New document Imaging filter Form Dropout.
  • Speed improvement of the Punch Hole Removal document imaging filter (between 50% and 500% faster).
  • PDF saving methods produces smaller PDF and are faster.
  • Faster PDF/OCR engine. And more accurate with bad quality documents.
  • Battery of bug fixes, especially for the OCR engine.

GdPicture.NET toolkits can be evaluated for free (30 days) from :

About GdPicture.NET Toolkits

GdPicture.NET is a suite of fully-featured & 100% royalty-free Document Imaging SDK. Delivered as AnyCPU .NET components, these toolkits allow developers to compose, display, capture, edit, annotate and print documents from within their own applications using the .NET technology.


ORPALIS is creator, developer and owner of the comprehensive document imaging toolkit series released under the brand “GdPicture”, which is now a worldwide known and respected leader in imaging technologies. More than 12,000 developers, based in over 70 countries, include GdPicture components in their applications.

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