The commercial version of GdPicture.NET version 9 will be released on July 1st 2012.
A BETA program is available to try the new functionalities of GdPicture.NET 9.

Muret, France, June 04, 2012.

ORPALIS has launched the BETA version of GdPicture.NET 9. It includes new features of the document imaging, PDF, annotations and barcode domains. The toolkit core has been improved in terms of speed, memory usage and multithreading handling.

Registration to the BETA program of GdPicture.NET 9 is available upon request on the helpdesk platform of the GdPicture website ( at in the section “Submit a Support Ticket”/GdPicture.NET 9 BETA Program.

Here is a short overview of the major changes:

  • Core library re-factorization to reduce memory usage, increase speed, improve stability and avoid regression on minor & medium releases.
  • Support for linearized PDF creation (Fast Web view mode).
  • Full PDF transparency support, for PDF viewing and PDF creation.
  • New PDF features. IE: digital signature with stamp, page drawing support, bookmark reading & writing, page duplication…
  • PDF rendering speed has been increased by 10 – 20%, with a lower memory usage and a better rendering quality.
  • Speed improvement of the sophisticated document image processing (autodeskew, auto border removal, despeckle…)
  • Major performance increase on indexed bitmap processing in terms of memory usage and speed.
  • Considerable speed increase in editable multipage tiff & gif handling.
  • Better performance and accuracy for 1D and 2D barcode detection with new options.
  • New PDF417 barcode recognition plugin.
  • New document imaging filters: noise, lines and blob removal.
  • Support for Framework 4.5.

Other features such as 2D barcode drawing, Post Script viewing and more will be ready for the final V9 or for a medium V9 release.


ORPALIS is creator, developer and owner of the comprehensive document imaging toolkit series released under the brand “GdPicture”, which is now a worldwide known and respected leader in imaging technologies. More than 12,000 developers, based in over 70 countries, include GdPicture components in their applications.

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