A medium release of the GdPicture.NET 9 document imaging and image processing toolkit for .NET and ActiveX is now available with a new set of features.

Muret, France, September 17, 2012.

ORPALIS has released a medium version of its flagship product GdPicture.NET. The new functionalities concern the document imaging, PDF, annotations and viewing domains. It also includes several documentation improvements, new snippets and demo applications.

Below is the list of the main changes:

  • Base64 encoding/support to the GdPicture/XMP Annotation Plugin. Especially for JavaScript usage.
  • Support for unsupported file types in the ThumbnailEx control allowing to specify custom image. IE: an office icon.
  • Speed improvement of the TIFF encoder with CCITT3 and CCITT4 compression schemes.
  • Fast page resizing/scaling for the PDF format, without quality and compression loss.
  • Support to create bitmap from separated Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black images.
  • Private tag reading and writing at page level for the PDF format.
  • GdPicture/XMP Annotation support improved (new methods).
  • Improvement of the PDF form-fields parsing support.
  • TWAIN behavior customization to handle some unstable TWAIN drivers.
  • Improvement of document format detection support.

The changes in the GdpictureImaging, GdPicturePDF, AnnotationManager, ThumbnailEx and GdViewer classes are available on the GdPicture 9 changelog forum.

GdPicture.NET 9.2 can be downloaded here:

Download GdPicture 9.2

Requests for a free 30 days evaluation key are made on the Evaluation page of the GdPicture website at http://www.gdpicture.com/evaluate/sdk-evaluation.php

For owners of previous GdPicture.NET versions and products, upgrades at discounted prices are applicable. Our sales team can directly be contacted via our Quick Contact Form at http://www.gdpicture.com/contact/contact-form.php


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