GdPicture.NET version 9.3 document imaging and image processing toolkit for .NET and ActiveX is now available with a new set of functionalities. In addition to the Comparison Matrix a new Product Selector tool helps customers find the right configuration for their needs.

Muret, France, November 12, 2012.

ORPALIS has released a new medium version of its flagship product, GdPicture.NET. This new release adds features such as custom annotation support, interactive PDF features support, PDF form field editing support, new bitonal filters and more than 50 other features.

What’s new in GdPicture.NET version 9.3?

  • Features to customize the PDF bookmark control appearance added.
  • Barcode detection (1D & 2D) improved on fax and high resolution images.
  • GdPictureImaging: SaveAsIStream, SaveAsStream, SaveAsByteArray and SaveAsString now fully support multipage tiff creation and JPEG 2000, targa, exr, wbmp, xpm and PBM formats.
  • Memory usage of the bitonal image filters reduced.
  • Spaces detection accuracy in the OCR engine improved.
  • Improvements of the generated PDF/OCR quality.
  • PDF files linking support for creating and for viewing purpose added.
  • Interactive PDF features support: actions, document-level navigation and more.
  • Printing support improved when autofit and automaticRotation options are simultaneously activated.
  • Custom annotation support added.
  • Support for form fields creation and edition added.
  • 3 new bitonal image filters (Erode, ErodeV and Dilate) added.
  • PDF rasterizer improved (memory usage reduced and compatibility with some malformed objects increased).
  • Improvements of the FTP and HTTP transfer support.
  • PDF text extraction and search improved.
  • Latest reported bugs fixed, new samples provided in the package, documentation enhancements.
  • Improvement of the mouse position zoom mode.
  • Memory usage improvement, especially for huge bitmap embedded in PDF documents.

The full change log is available on the GdPicture forum in the Announcements section.

GdPicture.NET 9.3 can be downloaded from the GdPicture website at the Download page

Download GdPicture 9.3

Requests for a free 30 days evaluation key are made on the Evaluation page.

For owners of previous GdPicture.NET versions and products, upgrades at discounted prices are applicable. Our sales team can directly be contacted via the Quick Contact Form

GdPicture Product Selector

A new tool created to help customers determine the GdPicture toolkits that match their needs is available on the GdPicture website in the Order section.

GdPicture Product Selector

The right configuration is obtained by selecting the required features. Its price is given by clicking the Calculate button.


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