The new medium release of GdPicture.NET 10.2 all-in-one imaging SDK includes new PDF and barcoding features. An innovative MICR plugin which detects and decodes CMC-7 and E-13B fonts on documents such as checks is also available.

Muret, France, January 30th, 2014.

After the launch of the GdPicture MICR SDK Preview, ORPALIS is proud to announce the release of a tool enabling developers to detect and decode, among other features, MICR lines from any structured document such as checks. The MICR Plugin for GdPicture.NET is available with the release of the new medium version of the bestselling and award-winning GdPicture.NET all-in-one imaging SDK version 10.2.

MICR Plugin for GdPicture.NET

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition and is a standard encoding technology in banking industry used mainly for checks.

This plugin can decode both CMC-7 and E-13B fonts with an extreme accuracy (reaching 99.9% on 300 dpi images) even on poor quality and poorly contrasted images.

The MICR plugin can also:

  • Work on any bit-depth bitmap (color, grayscale and monochrome).
  • Automatically repair altered symbols.
  • Include symbol size tolerance.
  • Detect check codelines by full page layout analysis.
  • Automatically detect MICR fonts (no need to set Region of Interest on the document).
  • Return recognized characters with confidence level and an alternate set of recognized characters at next-lower level of confidence.
  • Allow choosing white-lists of symbols.
  • Allow optional setting of the expected number of symbols.
GdPicture.NET 10.2 New Medium Version Release Including MICR Plugin

The full description of the MICR Plugin is available on its dedicated page on the GdPicture website.

Other features available in GdPicture.NET version 10.2

New enhancements are also available in the v10.2 in the barcoding (PDF417) and PDF domains in terms of accuracy.

GdPicture.NET 10.2 can be downloaded from the GdPicture website.


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