ORPALIS announces the new major release of the PDF compression software and worldwide bestseller PDF Reducer. The version 2 offers better compression speed and efficiency.

PDFs compressed with PDF Reducer are easier to manage: they are small so easy to store, easy to share via email and easy to view on the Web thanks to the fast web view mode (linearization support).

Three editions are available: PDF Reducer Free, PDF Reducer Pro Desktop and PDF Reducer Pro Server. The Free Edition includes all the innovative compression technologies developed by the company: content segmentation and optimal compression, serialization of several compression algorithms, automatic color detection and layout analysis, embedded raster images re-sampling and re-composition, removal of unwanted/unused objects (like annotations, formfields, bookmarks and more).

The Pro Desktop Edition also provides multi-threading support to process multiple PDF files at the same time and command line support to automate all processes. The Server Edition is perfect for larger organizations and businesses with the need to use the features of the pro edition on a server workstation.

What’s new in PDF Reducer Version 2?

Support for MRC (Mixed Raster Content) compression.
Mixed Raster Content compression has been added to the existing compression algorithms to maximize image compression and image quality. This feature is included in all editions.

Performance speed increased by 30%.
PDF Reducer is fast: for example, a PDF file of 151 scanned pages with poor quality is processed and compressed using all the technologies of the engine in a minute.

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