The Project.

PaperLight is a next-generation document management application (for image and PDF files), developed as an extension of Windows Operating System.

PaperLight innovates all aspects of classic approach in document management software to offer you power with unbelievable simplicity.

All commands are available from Windows Explorer context menus. PaperLight displays only commands that make sense and only when needed. No esoteric
wizards, no overwhelming lists of options, everything is simple and intuitive. And we provide not one but two state-of-the-art Viewers, the Metadata Viewer and the Floating Viewer, each dedicated to a specific purpose.

Full automation with full control

File analysis, text extraction by direct parsing, OCR, indexing, index updates, everything is fully automated. And still you keep full control:
nothing is done without your OK. Also, you can view all ongoing processes via the Control Center and pause/resume or cancel any of them.

Online services

PaperLight provides fully automated online-OCR services and secure document-sharing services. Each of those services is provided in a way you never saw before.

Scanned paper documents

Create document archives on a per-folder basis (image and PDF files). Add metadata and/or send to OCR. Files not requiring OCR are automatically separated. OCR only once: resulting text is saved in the file itself. Select appropriate OCR language on a per-file basis.

Photos and artwork files

Manage your photos/artwork collections via metadata. Easily add/modify your own (indexable) metadata to the file. And also view all existing metadata, no matter who and how added it (photo camera, graphics editing software, etc.).

The Features:

  • Multithreaded application
  • Full Unicode support
  • Convert-to-PDF (PDF virtual printer)
  • Capture any text currently under mouse and add as metadata
  • Capture keyboard for selected application and add as metadata
  • Capture text selections from any external app and add as metadata
  • Files are handled as zoomable thumbs
  • Extracts text by direct parsing from text-based PDF files
  • Find and highlight feature for textPDF and OCRed files
  • Automatic OCR status diagnosis
  • Set OCR language per-file
  • Index on per-folder basis
  • Search on per-index selection
  • Supports boolean, wildcard, proximity, range, fuzzy, etc. searches
  • Highlight found keywords in Viewer
  • and much more