Convert documents to PDF OCR.

Anyone who manipulates electronic documents is familiar with the fact that documents can be divided into two categories.
Searchable documents and non-searchable documents. Documents belonging to the second category are usually generated by scanners.

Sometimes scanned documents must be searched for relevant information using text strings.

Unfortunately, this operation is impossible due to the nature of the document.

ORPALIS PDF OCR offers a very simple and productive way to convert any document to searchable PDF using outstanding optical character recognition (OCR) and layout analysis.

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The Features.

  • Convert 100+ document formats to PDF OCR (the free edition supports only PDF as input).
  • Layout analysis to automatically detect the orientation of the page.

  • 60+ supported languages for OCR. The Free edition supports English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

  • Multi-threading support for multipage document (processing multiple pages at the same time).

  • Multi-threading support for processing multiple documents at the same time (Professional edition only).

  • Process document by file(s) selection, folder selection or Drag’n Drop.

  • Command line support (Professional edition only).

  • Localized user interface (currently French & English).

  • AnyCPU: The application runs as a 64-bit process whenever possible and falls back to 32-bit when only that mode is available.


  • Faster document to PDF OCR conversion tool of the market.

  • High quality optical character recognition and layout analysis.

  • Productive and intuitive interface.

  • Image files are now searchable.

  • No more wasted time looking for information in long documents.

  • Performs fast automatic indexation on high volume of documents.

  • User friendly software thanks to its intuitive interface.

  • Fast and reliable OCR engine powered by the worldwide bestseller GdPicture.NET SDK.

  • Built by recognized industry experts.

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