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Hi folks, Internet regulating and standardization main bodies are: ISOC, IAB, IESG, IRTF, IETF, IANA, ICANN, ARIN, RIPE NCC, APNIC, W3C, NSF, GIIC, CAIDA, USIIA, NANOG, IEEE, WebStandards. OK, so that was it, folks, see you next week! Just kidding of course, but what an impressive list, isn’t it? And it’s only partial because internet […]


Hi folks, Ancient Jewish Sages used to say that the Universe was built on two principles: Rigour and Generosity. Quite amazing, nowadays these words of wisdom turn out to also precisely illustrate how the internet was built by humans to become the global network of networks we all know and use today. But while the […]

Hi folks, “We interrupt our usual program for a breaking news special edition“, TV channels use to say when some important event bursts out (some really bad events in most cases). Well, today we are going to make a same announcement, except we bring you some good news. Doctors and patients alike (in other words, […]

Hi folks, Looking at our previous 3 articles about theĀ first computer, the first programmer and the first compiler you’d probably expect today a logical continuation with, say, the first operating system or the first programming language. But historical facts are always very intricated and amalgamated and many “firsts“, no matter the domain, are impossible to […]