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It’s been a busy year at ORPALIS!
Many of you have noticed that along new major versions of all our products, we have released brand new websites:

PaperScan  PDF Reducer  PDF OCR


And a brand new software, PDF OCR!

PDF OCR recognizes more than 60 languages and can be included in production lines. If the Free Edition turns PDF into searchable file (very useful for students who need to copy or scan many documents), the Pro Edition (for desktop and server) convert more than 100 file formats.

Plans for 2017 include a brand new ORPALIS website, new major versions, and much more. We’re also working on expanding our productivity tools offer, so stay tuned!

But before that, we’re happy to run special offers on all our products:

Productivity tools:

PaperScan now 25% off            PDF Reducer now 25% off            PDF OCR now 50% off


Developer tools:

GdPicture.NET now 15% off                    DocuVieware now 15% off

These offers are valid for a limited time only! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, Coralie, Dmitry and Elodie will be happy to help!



The ORPALIS Team wishes you a great holiday!

The ORPALIS Team wishes you a great holiday!

Hi folks,

In our previous article we were telling you about our junior product DocuVieware getting its first major version upgrade, from v.1 to v.2.
Well, today we’re going to tell you a few words about PDF Reducer as it just upgraded too, from v.2 to v.3.

First, a short briefing for those of you who didn’t use PDF Reducer yet.
The PDF format is actually so vast a domain in itself that using it at optimal parameters requires quite a deep expertise.
Besides simple text, PDF files can contain embedded images, they can be interactive (PDF forms), they can contain other files as attachments and the list goes on and on.
So, due to its versatility and universality, PDF is a worldwide format of choice for documents. But here’s an issue you just might have to deal with: its size.
When creating a PDF file, either by conversion from a document editor (such as Word) or directly from scanner or whatever other PDF file generation method, users have little or no means at all to control the size of the newly created PDF.
Therefore, PDF files are usually over-sized (not always, but usually) which can become a serious problem when it comes to storing lots of them or when sharing them (via email for example).

This is where our PDF Reducer comes in handy.
Basically, ORPALIS PDF Reducer is like some kind of laboratory where PDF files are being thoroughly analyzed in all details (users can control which aspects PDF Reducer should look into) and performs the necessary operations to reduce the input PDF file size as much as possible.
After processing is done, the resulting (output) PDF file is usually incredibly smaller than the original (input) PDF file.
Make no mistake: not all PDF files can get dramatic reducing in size.
Sometimes there’s simply not much to do, like for example a plain text-only PDF file (but hey, even in such situation you can still improve your PDF file: you can make it web-ready or convert it to another PDF standard).
While some other times size-reducing rate can be as high as 80% or even higher.
It all depends on the particularities of each input PDF.
One thing is certain, though: once processed by the ORPALIS PDF Reducer, there are little hopes (trending to zero, actually) to further reduce the size of a PDF file.

And guess what?
Starting with the v.3 we’ve just released, the PDF Reducer (Professional Editions only) can downsize not only PDF files but nearly 100 of them file-formats!
Still not happy?
OK then, here’s another news: we do all our magic twice as fast!
How about that?

Yes, you heard right: we re-compress data in a lossless manner, we detect and remove all unwanted or unused objects, we detect the black&white images scanned under color-mode and re-encode them correctly as B&W, we re-sample and re-compose the embedded raster images, we segment content and re-compress the bitmap sections allowing this based on a layout analysis, and yes, we do all this 100% faster than it already was in v.2.

What? Still unhappy?
OK, then have all this for free!

Because we have to remind you that all our products meant for the general public have also a Free Edition (like the PDF Reducer we’re talking about right now or PaperScan) if not being exclusively delivered to you as freeware, like the ORPALIS DICOM Viewer or the ORPALIS PDF-OCR or the ORPALIS Virtual Barcode Reader.

But we also provide Professional Editions of PDF Reducer to … well … professionals, who need to automate the reducing of their PDF archives via Command Line Interface scripts or to integrate our PDF Reducer features into their own document-management software.
You know, it’s those guys who need multi-threading processing because they always want all their massive tasks to get done asap, who want everything done not only for PDFs but also for their 100 file formats wishlist, the guys facing massive batch input so need uninterrupted batch processing.

Either you are of them or not, all we can tell is: ORPALIS PDF Reducer v.3 is here, friends!
So make your files smaller!
Big time!


Hi folks,

Long time, no talk.
But some few days ago we’ve released the annual new major-versions of GdPicture.NET and DocuVieware: GdPicture.NET is now at version 12 while ‘junior’ DocuVieware turned to version 2.0.
Want to take a look?

Web apps.

To start with, our universal HTML5 Viewer and document-management kit DocuVieware 2.0 now supports the .docx file format, besides the already existing about hundred of them formats.
It is our own implementation of Microsoft Word OpenXML which means you don’t need any external plugin.
Other Office formats such as .xlsx and .pptx are on their way and they will be available soon.
Go to the Gallery demo on our live demos website to see how DocuVieware 2.0 renders and handles .docx files: you can either use our demo file (left panel, scroll down for OpenXMLWord.docx document) or load your own .docx documents using, for example, the Annotations demo then add annotations or make searches to find words within your .docx files.

Another new feature DocuVieware 2.0 comes with is TWAIN acquisition support for all modern browsers running on top of any Windows OS later than Vista (Vista being included on the list).
Yes, you got it, paper documents can be scanned directly from- and into DocuVieware 2.0.
Of course, newly acquired image(s) can form a new document or can be added as new page(s) to an already existing document, which you can save in the PDF/A-1b archiving format standard for long-term preservation.
But why read about all that when you can see for yourself how everything works?
Go to our TWAIN acquisition live demo; you will be prompted to download and install a tiny piece of software which is meant to connect to your TWAIN drivers.
Just a one-time thing to do as for all next times this small software will silently start when Windows starts.
Not much of a “zero-footprint” for that feature, we must admit that, but there’s no other way to do it so far (and all other vendors do the same, if this brings you back to the right mood).


Late night on November 13-th Death came to Paris.
A mutilated Death, uglier, blinder and more ferocious than long time before, not even able to walk by itself: it was carried by a cortege of equally mutilated, mind-  and soul- mutilated creatures.
Pourquoi ? Mais pourquoi ???” shout out the children who lost their parents, the parents who lost their children and the friends who lost their friends while silence, the deepest silence, Silence itself comes in as their only answer.

Forcément, necessarily, we usually talk technology on this blog.
But what’s technology?
What was technology last Friday night when its sole contribution was the plastic carcass of a phone blocking a bullet?
Too little, too late. And too ironic.
Some phones rang solitarily and uselessly near the bodies of those who will never answer the calls again.

Maybe it’s time for all of us, humans,  to take a good look into the mirror.
Was this the only atrocity to happen?
Is there only one nation to commit atrocities?
On the contrary: there is no nation in human history that never commited them.
Are such atrocities the only crimes humans commit?
Absolutely not.
And are these crimes at least commited from time to time, only?
Unfortunately not.

We obviously live in a broken world.

So many tragedies happen on Earth as-is, without us needing to add our own-made horrible doings.

But then again: do these truths help in any way the ones who perished last Friday night in Paris?
Hélas, no.

So we need to make a sense to their shocking tragedy.
We need to show them that, no matter how badly we might toss, we will never sink.
Never ever.

Because “Fluctuat nec mergitur“, keeps on saying the 2,300 years old Paris.
You won’t” , should each and all of us ensure Paris back, not by words but by deeds.

May God rest in peace the souls of the unjust and brutally departed and watch over the ones they left behind!

Vive la France !





Hi folks,

Breaking news: we’ve just released a new tool!
It’s called ORPALIS PDF-OCR and today we are going to tell you everything about it.

Well folks, I don’t know about you but me, I’m a lazy person.
If I got a webpage in my browser and didn’t find what I was looking for in the 1-st second, the next one I press CTRL+F, enter my keyword(s) and the instant after pressing “ENTER” I can see the object of my interest highlighted.
And I do the same when seeking for something in Notepad, Wordpad, Word, Excel or any other app. providing the CTRL+F feature.
I was quite “dazed and confused” when bumping into this article titled “Crazy: 90 Percent of People Don’t Know How to Use CTRL+F“.
I would be happy to be able to use CTRL + F when trying to find what I’m looking for in my room. Or in my house. Or in my memory!
Or in my ever-growing piles of papers.
No, wait, for papers it actually is possible to use CTRL+F!
That’s why we’ve built the ORPALIS PDF-OCR software tool!

Here is the thing: whenever you work on a Word or Excel document, you can opt to save it as PDF.
If you open the resulting PDF flle with Adobe Reader, you can press CTRL+F, enter the keywords you want to find within the document and Adobe Reader willl highlight the found keywords. This happens because the generated PDF document is text-based, as it originated from a text-based app (like Word or Excel).
And if you want to select some text of the PDF in Adobe Reader (for copy/paste or just for the fun of it) you will see that it’s perfectly possible to do that, same as in Word or Excel.

But try selecting some text in a PDF produced by your scanner software when you’ve scanned paper documents: not much of a success now, right?
Of course not, that kind of PDF isn’t text-based, it is image-based.
It is actually a bitmap file dressed in PDF clothes.
So bye-bye CTRL+F instant finding and the only way to find what you need is to better get yourself ready for a longer or shorter (depending on the document particularities and your luck) reading session.
Or is it?

NO, of course not, there is an easy way too: go download the ORPALIS PDF-OCR. It is hot (released just 3 days ago), it is free and it will spare you the tears shed for the wasted time.
After a fast download and install, you can start inputing as Source your scanned-PDF files, either one-by-one or by an entire folder at a time.
Name a Destination path so ORPALIS PDF-OCR will know where to place the output files.
And of course, choose the language of the documents so the OCR processing will have maximum efficiency.
The Free Edition of ORPALIS PDF-OCR supports 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
That’s it, you’re good to go now.

When done, open in Adobe Reader a PDF file that was output by ORPALIS PDF-OCR.
Are you kidding me?”, you’re going to say at first glance. “This file is identical with my input file!”
Yes it is, isn’t it?
But press CTRL+F and enter a keyword from the document : see the highlights?
That’s what ORPALIS PDF-OCR does: it converts your scanned-PDF into a fully-searchable PDF.
It enriches the flat image-information with extracted text-information.
It saves your time, the CTRL+F way.

The amount of time ORPALIS PDF-OCR will save you depends on your personal conversion needs: it can range anywhere from the time you could use to post something on Facebook to the time having a beer with your friends, to having a night-long party or, if you are a heavy-duty user, to the time for a well-deserved holiday.
For such case you will need the ORPALIS PDF-OCR Professional Edition.

But that will be the subject of our next article.

Until then, bye folks, and spend your time wisely!