PaperScan is one year old!

To celebrate the first birthday of the release, I wanted to share its story with you. Because PaperScan has gone a long way!

It started as a small demo app for scanners to show what could be done with the GdPicture SDKs. The application was so convenient and we were a few people to use it on a regular basis to scan, organize and save our documents. Then we thought: since it’s useful for us, maybe other people would like it too! So we decided to sell it as an end-user software. Why not giving it a try? As a student myself (still…) I use PaperScan for my Ph.D. thesis all the time and now I can finally say goodbye to the thousands of photocopies which were lying around everywhere in my apartment.

Selling end-users software was very new for ORPALIS since we were used to selling software for developers only, not for the general public. We first released two versions of PaperScan, a Free Edition with some limitations so people could try it and see if it could be of any use for them, and a Professional Edition without any limitation. Then as more and more people were using PaperScan we had more and more feature requests. That’s how we decided to add annotations. And the Home Edition (free for my fellow students!) was created for an everyday use.

Now, after one year, we’re proud to be in the homes and offices of so many people worldwide. PaperScan is one of the top apps the most downloaded in its category, and we have hundred of thousands of people using it every day!
So to thank you, customers and anonyms who made PaperScan what it is today with your remarks and requests on the goods and bads of PaperScan, we offer 10 licenses of the Professional Edition!

To participate just leave a comment on this post before the end of the month and tell us why PaperScan would be useful for you. The 10 licenses will be awarded randomly.


Thank you!



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