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Better, Faster, Stronger, the New PDF Reducer Version 2

Hi Folks,

PDF Reducer V2 is now available!

PDF Reducer version 1 is one of the most downloaded program and the best software of its category on the market.

But that was before version 2!

What’s new in this major version?

PDF Reducer version 2 now supports Mixed Raster Content compression, to process complex images with the most accurate results: the compression power is enhanced, without losing speed during the process. The engine is now 30% faster, even when the multithreading mode is activated (Pro edition). Minor bugs are fixed.

You will find the version history of PDF Reducer here.

Why choose PDF Reducer v2?

PDFs compressed with PDF Reducer are easy to store, easy to share via email and easy to view on the Web. And the Free Edition is perpetual and does all that! So try it now and let us know what you think on our forum.


PDF Reducer download

Download PDF Reducer 2



DocuVieware: what is a HTML5 viewer?

Hi folks,

In our previous article we’ve described the basics on DocuVieware’s structure, DocuVieware being, of course, our universal HTML5 and document-management kit.
So today we are going to explain what a HTML5 Viewer is all about.

Everybody knows already that, in order to visualize images and document files, some specialized software are required to make them “viewable”. To ‘render‘ them, as nerds say.
“Image files” are files containing graphics data such as the photos you take or the graphics-art you draw and examples of file formats include JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, WebP and many others including the plethora of RAW camera formats.
“Document files” are the electronic, “computerish” version of physical documents, a document being a record, a form of storing information so it will not be lost.
Like for example scanned paper saved in an image format or, even better, a dedicated format storing both text-type and graphic-type information, such as the PDF.

Then, from a technical point of view, graphics information can be stored as raster or as vector, if you remember our older article detailing this aspect.
And metafiles can store them all, raster and vector for graphics but text too, and best examples of metafiles are PDF and SVG formats.

Big Browser on 23 January

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PDF Reducer Pro is Now Available!

It’s finally here! The release of the commercial version of our famous PDF compression software!

Why choose ORPALIS PDF Reducer Pro?

The Professional Edition of ORPALIS PDF Reducer allows users to benefit from all the advantages of innovative and highly sophisticated size-reducing tool powered by the GdPicture technologies for PDF files without any restriction, with the same intuitive interface and ease of use than the free version.


All our features are developed toward one goal: reduce the size of PDF files to the maximum. PDF and image compression is one of the major centers of research at ORPALIS, and for this we received funding from the French government.

Below is the list of the major features:

  • Content segmentation and optimal compression.
  • Automatic color detection and layout analysis.
  • Embedded raster images re-sampling and re-composition.
  • Fast Web View support for sharing PDFs on the Web.
  • Removal of unwanted or unused objects such as annotations, formfields, bookmarks…
  • Unlimited batch processing.
  • Drag ‘n Drop support.
  • Multi-threading support.
  • Command line interface support to take advantage of these features inside your batch scripts or even integrate it in your own applications.


Download PDF Reducer PRO


Who can use ORPALIS PDF Reducer Pro?

Any person, company or organization with the need to compress PDF files and share them on the web, send them by email, store them in any computer/USB/memory card/external hard disk will find PDF Reducer handy!


ORPALIS PDF Reducer Pro Edition license owners can benefit of technical support via our Help Desk.

Check our free PDF Reducer users community forum section and our knowledgebase!


  • Single desktop license 199 USD
  • Single server license 999 USD
  • Volume license contact us.


Order PDF Reducer PRO



PaperScan version 2 is released!

Hi folks,

PaperScan version 2 is released!

There are quite a few changes in the interface and brand new features. The software is now faster, more accurate, more ergonomic and up-to-date with the latest technologies available on the market!

PaperScan v2 Screenshot

PaperScan v2

So… what’s new in PaperScan V2?

Interface changes

  • Annotation toolbar (Pro edition).
  • Option to show / hide the viewer toolbar.
  • User Interface improvements and fixes.


Improvements of existing features

  • Tiff file saving is dramatically faster.
  • Speed of all document imaging filters improved.
  • Persistent settings behavior improved.


New features

  • WebP image format saving added.
    WebP is a new image format to reduce the size of images. Want to know more about formats and how to use them? Check this blog!
  • Option to Crop Selected Area In a New Page.
  • Option to save PDF with Fast Web View mode enabled to allow large PDF files to be displayed in browsers really fast.
  • Support for scanning with separator sheets to save your documents in files of variable page number (Pro edition).

You can see the history of the changes on our dedicated page.

Download PaperScan V2


To evaluate the V2, just desinstall your old version and reinstall the new one.
Each download of a commercial version (PaperScan Home and PaperScan Pro) comes with a 30 days trial. And the free version… well it stays free!
Give it a try and let us know what you think on the forum!

The pricing of PaperScan V2 is the same than PaperScan V1: 49 USD for the Home Edition and 149 USD for the Pro Edition. At this price you don’t get just a scanning software, you get a complete tool for processing and managing your documents and images!

You own a V1 and you would like to know the different opportunities to upgrade to V2?
You can contact us here.
We will be happy to answer all your questions!


Happy New Year! Bonne Année !

First of all the ORPALIS Team wishes you all the best for 2013!

Did you take any resolution for the New Year?
At ORPALIS we prepared a little list to start the year off right…

Resolution 1

Download our latest software for the general public: ORPALIS PDF Reducer
ORPALIS PDF Reducer is a powerful PDF compression Software for end users and developers meant to help anyone to get existing PDF files reduced up to 80% more than concurrent products.

The Free Edition is now available for Windows with the following features:

  • Content segmentation and optimal compression
  • Automatic color detection and layout analysis
  • Embedded raster images re-sampling and re-composition
  • Fast web view support (linearization)
  • Remove unwanted or unused objects such as annotations, formfields, bookmarks…
  • Unlimited batch processing (with nag-screen every 5 files)
  • Drag ‘n Drop support

read more about pdf reducer

The interface is really intuitive and currently available in three languages: English, French and Romanian.
You can find a short video which works as a tutorial on the website at the PDF Reducer page.
Tell us what you think about PDF Reducer on its dedicated section of the ORPALIS forum !

Resolution 2

Go to the ORPALIS Facebook page.
We have a special application waiting for you: the PaperScan 2013 Giveaway Sweepstake app.

For 2013 we decided to give a gift to our Facebook fans: each week, starting now until the end of December 2013, anyone can win a PaperScan Home Edition license!

To participate, just click on the app and follow the steps.
The app is located on the top right of the page, next to the number of fans, here.

Resolution 3

Keep in touch!
Connect with us on Facebook of course, but also on Twitter, Google + and via our RSS feed
We also have a newsletter: you can register here.

This way you will be the first to know about our latest events, releases and promotions!


Resolution 4

Take care!