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Which bitmap format to choose

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Following the short suite of articles that briefly described the most popular raster graphics file formats, today we will try to make a synthesis and see which format would be a best choice for which purpose.

Image capturing
When capturing images, either by scanning a document or taking a photo, the best idea would probably be to get the highest quality possible and keep the full amount of details.
The initial capture file is a “master” file so, unless you can repeat the same capture process anytime or don’t care about long term preservation, you can store it somewhere safe and convert it to other formats for current manipulation.
And if you think that such practice is for professionals only, you’d better think again.

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About JBIG2 compression

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Although disk storage and internet connection bandwidth are constantly increasing and getting cheaper, worldwide efforts for better file compression are increasing as well.
This is no paradox and there are too many reasons for this to mention but we all know that, for instance, file transfers are never fast enough.

For document imaging domain there is JBIG2 compression scheme.

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