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Hi folks, Today we are going to tell you about how risky taking guesses in IT can sometimes be. Our point is by no means ridiculing famous persons, of course: mispredicting happens to all of us all the time. But wrong guesses coming from great gurus of the world even in their very own domain […]

Hi folks, PaperScan version 2 is released! There are quite a few changes in the interface and brand new features. The software is now faster, more accurate, more ergonomic and up-to-date with the latest technologies available on the market! So… what’s new in PaperScan V2? Interface changes Annotation toolbar (Pro edition). Option to show / […]

Hi folks, This week we are going to tell you a few things about this latest newcomer in the world of image file formats named “WebP“. The very beginning of the story is Google’s need for speed: seems that some 6 years ago Google engineers silently made an experiment in which they deliberately slowed down […]

Hi folks, In some previous articles we’ve mentioned that Progressive JPEG , GIF  and PNG  graphic formats provide a feature allowing partial but intelligible display of the image during its download even before download is actually finished. Upon completed download the file gets fully available. The motif for providing such feature is users impatience. Bigger sized files […]