Hi Folks, PDF Reducer V2 is now available! PDF Reducer version 1 is one of the most downloaded program and the best software of its category on the market. But that was before version 2! What’s new in this major version? PDF Reducer version 2 now supports Mixed Raster Content compression, to process complex images […]

Hi folks, We’ve paraphrased the title of Pink Floyd’s seventh album not because it was also the soundtrack of a very interesting French film (La Vallée, 1972) but mainly because today we will try to give you an overview on cloud computing. The term “cloud” became more and more frequent in IT since quite a […]

Hi folks, After having looked a bit closer at DocuVieware and having briefly explained what a HTML5 Viewer is, today we are going to show you some of the goodies our universal HTML5 Viewer and document management solution provides. DocuVieware’s user interface is fully customizable: one can make it look like according to own dreams or, […]

Hi folks, In our previous article we’ve described the basics on DocuVieware’s structure, DocuVieware being, of course, our universal HTML5 and document-management kit. So today we are going to explain what a HTML5 Viewer is all about. Everybody knows already that, in order to visualize images and document files, some specialized software are required to […]

Hi folks, Most of you probably know already that just few days ago we’ve released (aside the latest GdPicture.NET, the V.11), our newest standalone software product named DocuVieware, which is a HTML5-based Viewer and document-management kit. We can take a closer look together to it, if you want. Are you in? For those of you […]

Hi folks, In the first and second part of this short Bitcoin series, we’ve tried to explain what is it all about and how it works. Today, we are going to tell you a short neo-noir thriller. The bitcoin currency made it possible to happen in real the life due to its feature of allowing […]

Hi folks, Let’s continue our previous article and tell you more things about Bitcoin and bitcoins. So among other most simplistic but hopefully useful explanations, we’ve also told you that bitcoin units cannot disappear. But how do they appear anyway? Well, the answer to that question is yet another proof of how interesting the Bitcoin […]

Hi folks, Bit-coin! Two common words, naming an uncommon concept. Today we will try to shed some light on bitcoin. Even if it seems to become more and more popular, it still remains kind of a puzzling enigma wrapped in a mystery. Quite understandable, as its operating principles are not that easy to grasp. Plus […]


Hi folks, We’re sorry for the inconvenience but today our website encountered a serious bug, so you won’t be able to read our blog article on this page. However you will find our article here.   —–SPOILER ALERT—– The preview of the article is brought to you by ORPALIS’ latest product! Learn more.  


Hi folks, No, tech’onomy isn’t a klingon word as it might seem, it is an almost human one. In a recent article we’ve invited you to consider the subject of the impact of technology over human nature. Well, today we are going to do pretty much the same thing except this time we’ll invite you […]