It’s been a busy year at ORPALIS! Many of you have noticed that along new major versions of all our products, we have released brand new websites: PaperScan  PDF Reducer  PDF OCR   And a brand new software, PDF OCR! PDF OCR recognizes more than 60 languages and can be included in production lines. If the Free […]

Hi folks, In our previous article we were telling you about our junior product DocuVieware getting its first major version upgrade, from v.1 to v.2. Well, today we’re going to tell you a few words about PDF Reducer as it just upgraded too, from v.2 to v.3. First, a short briefing for those of you […]

Hi folks, Long time, no talk. But some few days ago we’ve released the annual new major-versions of GdPicture.NET and DocuVieware: GdPicture.NET is now at version 12 while ‘junior’ DocuVieware turned to version 2.0. Want to take a look? Web apps. To start with, our universal HTML5 Viewer and document-management kit DocuVieware 2.0 now supports […]

  Late night on November 13-th Death came to Paris. A mutilated Death, uglier, blinder and more ferocious than long time before, not even able to walk by itself: it was carried by a cortege of equally mutilated, mind-  and soul- mutilated creatures. “Pourquoi ? Mais pourquoi ???” shout out the children who lost their […]

Hi folks, Breaking news: we’ve just released a new tool! It’s called ORPALIS PDF-OCR and today we are going to tell you everything about it. Well folks, I don’t know about you but me, I’m a lazy person. If I got a webpage in my browser and didn’t find what I was looking for in […]

Hi folks, One of the most intriguing, even perplexing news of the latest times have just emerged from Google: they’re going to make fundamental organizational changes in their structure. A new holding-entity is to be formed and they’ve named it “Alphabet”. But why? They seemed to be doing very well as-is, anyways. And why “Alphabet”? […]

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Hi folks, After the very short history of browsers we have presented you in the past 2 “episodes”, today we are going to give you some light tech insights, as promised. Just so you can better understand why a plain modern browser is all you need to use DocuVieware-based web applications, at anytime, from anywhere. […]

Hi folks, PaperScan Scanning Software version 3 is here! New version, new interface! When you open PaperScan you will see the first major change, the interface got a rather extreme makeover. A lot of new features are also available, and some of them where specifically requested by you, the PaperScan users. What’s new in PaperScan […]

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Hi folks,   In our previous article we were telling you that the history of browsers is more like a Game of Thrones and that “the Starks” (ie, the Mosaic/Netscape team) were massacred by the House of Microsoft at the Netscape Castle which ended-up by being sold to AOL. So today we will resume our short […]

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Hi folks, After 3 articles on DocuVieware (this one, this one and this one) you probably know by now that one (and clearly not the only) cool thing about it is that client-side has just one single requirement to provide users with state-of-the-art image/documents viewing, processing and managing:  a browser. So we thought maybe it’s a […]