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PDF Days Online 2021

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As members of the PDF Association and sponsors of this event, we’re happy to present several sessions this year.

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Technical Days

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These educational sessions consist of 30 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes reserved for Q&A.

September 30, 2021
40 minutes

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Ever-increasing demand for productivity and faster time to delivery is increasing awareness and adoption of Low-Code application development by IT teams and “Citizen IT”.

This trend is disrupting traditional patterns of software development and is shifting development towards cloud-based low-code platforms.

This session will aim to answer the question “What does Low Code mean for PDF Developers and PDF Technology Companies?” and will cover the following topics:

  • What is Low Code Development?
  • “Citizen IT” and Low Code
  • Low Code Platform Examples
  • Common Use Cases
  • PDF in Low Code Platforms
  • Making existing PDF SDK Technologies available on Low Code Platforms
  • Citizen IT Governance
  • The Future of Low Code / No Code and PDF