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Hi folks, This week we continue the Optical Character Recognition subject by providing our general public with few advices for pre-scan and post-scan stages of document archiving. A properly done OCR task is not simply about text extraction, it also implies a set of operations meant to optimize the OCR process and increase efficiency in […]

Hi folks, This week we will provide our general public with a first article about Optical Character Recognition, a key feature in document imaging domain (but not limited to it) and later we’ll continue to detail some particularly important aspects and best practices in OCR. But for now, let’s just make a basic introduction. Despite […]

Hi folks, This week we will provide our general public with explanations on camera RAW files formats because this subject is often ignored or misunderstood and because our software supports more than 40 such formats. Let’s start by specifying that “RAW“ is no accronym for anything : in this rare case, “raw” literally means “raw” […]

Hi folks, Today we are going to explain some terms related to color adjustments in digital images because all our products provide such features and since some have “esoteric” names (such as “gamma”) our general public might skip using them at image quality enhancement time. Brightness and contrast are very well known image adjustments but […]


Hi folks, We’ve just released PaperScan 1.5 ! Besides a battery of fixes (including a memory leak on PDF import bug fix ), this medium upgrade provides new useful features and handy options meant to bring you more ergonomy and comfort. We’ve added an extra option (Main menu / Options / Extras) allowing you to […]