Hi folks,

We’ve just released PaperScan 1.5 !

Besides a battery of fixes (including a memory leak on PDF import bug fix ), this medium upgrade provides new useful features and handy options meant to bring you more ergonomy and comfort.

We’ve added an extra option (Main menu / Options / Extras) allowing you to define which resolution to use (1 to 600 dpi, incrementing by 50) in PDF vector data to raster conversion when importing PDF files.

Speaking of document importing, you can now import files by dragging them from Windows Explorer and dropping in the thumbnail panel of PaperScan as an alternative to the Import option in Main menu.
In the main Viewer we’ve added context menu (appears on mouse right-click) allowing you to Save or Remove the currently displayed image.
Also, after a multipage saving operation is completed, you can remove from the list only the saved pages (instead of cleaning all pages in the list, as it was until now).
An extra confirmation notification was added to make sure you won’t clean those pages by mistake and preventing you from wasting time by re-importing them again.

For those of you who need the date or the date/time of the file creation (or saving) to appear in the filename we provide a multitude of date/time formats to chose from and have them added at the begining/ending of the filename or before the post-name (if you’ve chosed any).

All new features are listed here

We hope you’ll enjoy !