Late night on November 13-th Death came to Paris.
A mutilated Death, uglier, blinder and more ferocious than long time before, not even able to walk by itself: it was carried by a cortege of equally mutilated, mind-  and soul- mutilated creatures.
Pourquoi ? Mais pourquoi ???” shout out the children who lost their parents, the parents who lost their children and the friends who lost their friends while silence, the deepest silence, Silence itself comes in as their only answer.

Forcément, necessarily, we usually talk technology on this blog.
But what’s technology?
What was technology last Friday night when its sole contribution was the plastic carcass of a phone blocking a bullet?
Too little, too late. And too ironic.
Some phones rang solitarily and uselessly near the bodies of those who will never answer the calls again.

Maybe it’s time for all of us, humans,  to take a good look into the mirror.
Was this the only atrocity to happen?
Is there only one nation to commit atrocities?
On the contrary: there is no nation in human history that never commited them.
Are such atrocities the only crimes humans commit?
Absolutely not.
And are these crimes at least commited from time to time, only?
Unfortunately not.

We obviously live in a broken world.

So many tragedies happen on Earth as-is, without us needing to add our own-made horrible doings.

But then again: do these truths help in any way the ones who perished last Friday night in Paris?
Hélas, no.

So we need to make a sense to their shocking tragedy.
We need to show them that, no matter how badly we might toss, we will never sink.
Never ever.

Because “Fluctuat nec mergitur“, keeps on saying the 2,300 years old Paris.
You won’t” , should each and all of us ensure Paris back, not by words but by deeds.

May God rest in peace the souls of the unjust and brutally departed and watch over the ones they left behind!

Vive la France !