Benefits of Developing Web Applications with DocuVieware

For more than ten years, ORPALIS has been a technological pioneer in the market of image and document processing by providing powerful tools for effortless integration of document management components into software applications.

GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK and DocuVieware HTML5 Viewer and Document Management Kit have been widely used to improve overall efficiency of organizations and their business processes. Integrating components into an application means reducing costs, risks, and delays related to software development, and helps to meet a better return on investment of the associated projects.

DocuVieware is a powerful SDK based on cutting-edge technologies, which offers a set of tools to be embedded into dynamic web based applications. The final user is able to manipulate and interact with documents and images directly online.

Considering integrating document management components is important for modern web application development, on different aspects and levels.

Of course, environmental issues push toward a drastic reduction of paper usage, and more and more documents become available online. While companies are working even harder to keep operational costs down, they realized that transformation to digital document formats can help to save extensive resources, thus optimizing their business processes.

Meanwhile, new devices and therefore new platforms are constantly emerging and companies have to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Microsoft has published many articles about the bring your own device trend: for the last five years, Microsoft has noticed that many employees prefer to work on their own devices. This implies a constant and necessary adaptation to the wide variety of platforms available on the market. Many companies, including small and medium-sized businesses, are accustomed to working this way.