Hi Everyone,

Olof and Jocke from ALCOM visited us from Sweden a few weeks ago. They introduced AldocCorrection, an ambitious and innovative web application.
We were very excited to meet them in person to exchange about programming practices and what’s new in the document imaging world.

Today we’re happy to introduce ALCOM and AldocCorrection, built with DocuVieware.

ALCOM: bringing digitization to public institutions

ALCOM is a Swedish company located in Stockholm.
Established in 1987, ALCOM’s core business activity is the digitization of paper-based document. ALCOM helps governmental organizations in the educational and healthcare sectors. Ninety percent of hospitals in Sweden, but also in Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland use their competitive solutions.
ALCOM’s next goal is to bring innovative document processing solutions for the Nordic and B2B market.

The situation: it’s time to process tests online

Educational institutions need new methods of knowledge acquisition and sharing.
Solutions for learning management systems exist, but we still process exams the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper.

ALCOM has found a solution which improves exam processing practices to modern standards.

Sweden is a lifelong learning nation: almost a quarter of the population between 25 and 64 is pursuing higher education. Swedish universities were among the first ones offering online courses.
Many of them benefited from this form of a study by attracting new students from across the country and beyond its borders.

In 2012, every 4th Swedish student had participated in online classes. Since then, online studies have become even more popular worldwide and are now a necessity for many universities.

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