Hi Everyone,

We hope that you are keeping safe wherever you are.

During these trying times, at ORPALIS, we were thinking about a way to help people and businesses at our level.

We understand that for many people document management is not the top priority, but:

  • to ease compatibility issues for those who have to stay inside and still need to work with devices that are probably different from what they have at the office
  • to help transfer documents to your family, team, or accounting
  • to avoid adding licensing hassle

we decided to let anyone, individuals and companies, use our PaperScan Pro Edition for free, for one full year (until April 2021).

PaperScan Scanning Software Pro Edition

PaperScan is among the best rated and most used scanning software worldwide. The Pro edition gives you everything you need for daily image processing and document management tasks at it includes, besides scanning and general settings:

  • image correction and enhancement features
  • OCR for 60+ languages
  • 100+ formats for input
  • annotations
  • performant compression and storage capabilities like automatic color detection, JBIG2 and JPEG 2000 compression, Mixed Raster Content compression, PDF/A conversion for long term storage
  • and more.

You can see ou full list of features here.

Support for digital signing is coming soon

PaperScan is updated regularly.

As we’re supporting digital signing features in our other products, they will also be available in PaperScan very soon and included in the free version we’re offering.

Free license activation

To activate the license, here is what you need to do (we tried to keep things as simple as possible):

  1. Download PaperScan Pro from here
  2. Use the following license key: SW4gdmlubyB2ZXJpdGFz

We don’t need any other information from you, and no personal data is collected during the process.


You can check our videos to help you get started with PaperScan:

Paperscan Video Guide

We also have a User Guide available here.

Please keep safe and #StayAtHome