Create tagged PDFs using GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK

Hi everyone,

You agree that accessibility is crucial when your business requires to share comprehensible documents among various people, no matter what their ability to access the materials is.
It does not only concern people with disabilities using assistive technologies like screen readers. Nowadays it also covers people using mobile devices.
Accessibility is for everyone.

The solution calls tagged PDF documents.

What are Tags?

The recent release (from June 21st, 2018) of GdPicture.NET now extends its features to allow you to create a tagged PDF/UA document. What does this mean?

It is a well-known fact that a PDF document may include a structure in addition to the common page content.

This structure represents various instructions behind the scenes, which describe the document’s logic.
They can hold supplementary information about images, figures, tables, like their titles or some useful descriptive text.
They also can store information about sections, paragraphs, like their heading, naming, as well as their font size or font style.
They allow distinguishing between the real page content and some graphical items not relevant to the contained information.
Every single part of the document content, like text including individual characters, graphics, other objects like annotations or even form fields can attach to such an instruction in the document’s backstage. These structural elements are called tags.

The Tag Tree

The whole document logic is composed using these structure elements organized in the structure hierarchy, so-called logical structure tree or tag tree.

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