Hello everyone,

And welcome to the first posting on the newly created blog of ORPALIS!

Well, there are two main reasons why we thought about starting this blog.

First, we want to prove you (and ourselves…) we are humans, not robots.
There is life beyond work, too (or should we have put it : life starts when work stops ?… :-))
We intend to give you some behind-the-scenes glimpses on what we do, share some interesting articles we’ve bumped into on the internet, share some funny stuff….
In other words, do things that robots can’t do (at least for the next decade, that is…:-))

Secondly, it’s a complementary way of getting you better know us and the spirit of our team.
A way to escape daily work rigid conventions.

A bit like inviting you out for a beer, chatting about whatever interesting subjects , having a laugh together and hopefully, “get back home” in a good mood and looking forward for next week’s reunion.

So please don’t be strangers!
And don’t let us do all the speaking!

Cheers and see you next week!