Hi folks,

Most of you probably know already that just few days ago we’ve released (aside the latest GdPicture.NET, the V.11), our newest standalone software product named DocuVieware, which is a HTML5-based Viewer and document-management kit.
We can take a closer look together to it, if you want.
Are you in?
For those of you who replied “yes”, let’s go!

Web apps.
Web-applications are basically software applications designed on a client-server architecture basis.
The “client” is actually a web browser while the “server” is a web-application installed on one (or multiple) remotely located server-machine(s).
This is why web-applications comprise two distinctive (and actually separate) parts: one on the ‘client-side‘ and the other on the ‘server-side‘.
There is no universal rule on how client-side and server-side processings should be distributed in a web application.
So in order to reach optimum balance from its point of view, each vendor decides which tasks of its web application should be executed on which side.
As for us, you will find out below how DocuVieware is optimized.

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