Don’t get your fingers burned with uncovered sensitive data

Have you ever heard of PDF Redaction? If not, well either you don’t have sensitive content to hide, either you are doing it the wrong way. If yes, ask yourself: am I redacting my files properly? In this article, you will learn how to redact PDF files efficiently thanks to SDK!

Indeed, hiding sensitive content is all but trivial. Back in the times when it was all about paper, a strong coat of black ink was enough to hide your most dirty secrets. Nowadays, at the digital age, you need stronger methods. If you thought PDF Redaction consisted in adding overlaying black rectangles, you have it all wrong.

Ask « The New York Times »! In 2014, they released an NSA report and they thought they took all the needed measures to hide sensitive content. However, the level of redaction was so weak that people could unveil the masks and reveal the names of operating agents. Embarrassing!Speaking of NSA, these are people you can trust when speaking of how you should properly « redact » sensitive content:

“the way to avoid exposure is to ensure that sensitive information is not just visually hidden or made illegible, but is actually removed from the original document.”

U.S. National Security Agency (NSA)


Opt-in for efficient redaction

The good news is that GdPicture perfectly addresses this objective. PDF Redaction in our SDK not only hides sensitive content but deeply removes the underlying content. Even if some nasty hacker wanted to harm your company by revealing hidden content, he would find nothing but emptiness.