Hi folks,

After having looked a bit closer at DocuVieware and having briefly explained what a HTML5 Viewer is, today we are going to show you some of the goodies our universal HTML5 Viewer and document management solution provides.

DocuVieware’s user interface is fully customizable: one can make it look like according to own dreams or, quite the opposite, according to customer’s requirements.
And the reason we started with user interface is that, among the customizable interface elements, DocuVieware also provides snap-ins.
Basically, a DocuVieware snap-in is a user interface element which contains a series of functional options, all of them belonging to a same general function.
For example, if DocuVieware would have been capable to also wash user’s laundry, this would have been reflected in the user interface by a dedicated snap-in, expandable via a button named say, « Wash Laundry« .
When clicked, the button would expand the snap-in showing the user a panel with all offered options for this functionality, like wash white or colored laundry, cotton or wool, select water temperature, centrifuge speed and so on.
Each of these options can be individually set to get displayed or hidden in DocuVieware SDK, just like the snap-in itself.

Well folks, currently DocuVieware does not provide laundry-washing functionality (or maybe it does but the function is still undocumented, I have to ask our CEO about this) but it does provide 4 snap-ins for the time being: Thumbnails, PDF bookmarks tree, Search and Annotations.

The thumbnail snap-in allows viewing all pages of multipage documents (like TXT or PDF or TIFF) as thumbnails, of course.
The thumbs panel can be resized at will, to match the viewing experience that an user considers to be optimal.