Hi folks,

In our previous article we’ve described the basics on DocuVieware’s structure, DocuVieware being, of course, our universal HTML5 and document-management kit.
So today we are going to explain what a HTML5 Viewer is all about.

Everybody knows already that, in order to visualize images and document files, some specialized software are required to make them « viewable ». To ‘render‘ them, as nerds say.
« Image files » are files containing graphics data such as the photos you take or the graphics-art you draw and examples of file formats include JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, WebP and many others including the plethora of RAW camera formats.
« Document files » are the electronic, « computerish » version of physical documents, a document being a record, a form of storing information so it will not be lost.
Like for example scanned paper saved in an image format or, even better, a dedicated format storing both text-type and graphic-type information, such as the PDF.

Then, from a technical point of view, graphics information can be stored as raster or as vector, if you remember our older article detailing this aspect.
And metafiles can store them all, raster and vector for graphics but text too, and best examples of metafiles are PDF and SVG formats.