Hi folks,

In our previous article we were telling you about our junior product DocuVieware getting its first major version upgrade, from v.1 to v.2.
Well, today we’re going to tell you a few words about PDF Reducer as it just upgraded too, from v.2 to v.3.

First, a short briefing for those of you who didn’t use PDF Reducer yet.
The PDF format is actually so vast a domain in itself that using it at optimal parameters requires quite a deep expertise.
Besides simple text, PDF files can contain embedded images, they can be interactive (PDF forms), they can contain other files as attachments and the list goes on and on.
So, due to its versatility and universality, PDF is a worldwide format of choice for documents. But here’s an issue you just might have to deal with: its size.
When creating a PDF file, either by conversion from a document editor (such as Word) or directly from scanner or whatever other PDF file generation method, users have little or no means at all to control the size of the newly created PDF.
Therefore, PDF files are usually over-sized (not always, but usually) which can become a serious problem when it comes to storing lots of them or when sharing them (via email for example).

This is where our PDF Reducer comes in handy.
Basically, ORPALIS PDF Reducer is like some kind of laboratory where PDF files are being thoroughly analyzed in all details (users can control which aspects PDF Reducer should look into) and performs the necessary operations to reduce the input PDF file size as much as possible.
After processing is done, the resulting (output) PDF file is usually incredibly smaller than the original (input) PDF file.
Make no mistake: not all PDF files can get dramatic reducing in size.
Sometimes there’s simply not much to do, like for example a plain text-only PDF file (but hey, even in such situation you can still improve your PDF file: you can make it web-ready or convert it to another PDF standard).
While some other times size-reducing rate can be as high as 80% or even higher.
It all depends on the particularities of each input PDF.
One thing is certain, though: once processed by the ORPALIS PDF Reducer, there are little hopes (trending to zero, actually) to further reduce the size of a PDF file.

And guess what?
Starting with the v.3 we’ve just released, the PDF Reducer (Professional Editions only) can downsize not only PDF files but nearly 100 of them file-formats!
Still not happy?
OK then, here’s another news: we do all our magic twice as fast!
How about that?

Yes, you heard right: we re-compress data in a lossless manner, we detect and remove all unwanted or unused objects, we detect the black&white images scanned under color-mode and re-encode them correctly as B&W, we re-sample and re-compose the embedded raster images, we segment content and re-compress the bitmap sections allowing this based on a layout analysis, and yes, we do all this 100% faster than it already was in v.2.

What? Still unhappy?
OK, then have all this for free!

Because we have to remind you that all our products meant for the general public have also a Free Edition (like the PDF Reducer we’re talking about right now or PaperScan) if not being exclusively delivered to you as freeware, like the ORPALIS DICOM Viewer or the ORPALIS PDF-OCR or the ORPALIS Virtual Barcode Reader.

But we also provide Professional Editions of PDF Reducer to … well … professionals, who need to automate the reducing of their PDF archives via Command Line Interface scripts or to integrate our PDF Reducer features into their own document-management software.
You know, it’s those guys who need multi-threading processing because they always want all their massive tasks to get done asap, who want everything done not only for PDFs but also for their 100 file formats wishlist, the guys facing massive batch input so need uninterrupted batch processing.

Either you are of them or not, all we can tell is: ORPALIS PDF Reducer v.3 is here, friends!
So make your files smaller!
Big time!